At Yakuza 0’s Teltel Club, Kiryu can try his hand at looking for love. Here’s everything you need to know about finding him a date. Once you “seal the deal” and solidify your meeting, cutscenes will automatically play out as to the results. You may have to do one or more things afterwards. You will not know which girl you are talking with until you ask “Can you Meet?” If the girl happens to be Ayaka, then this substory begins.

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  • The first way to differentiate them is based on swimsuits.
  • He’s a Japanese role-playing game fanatic and Chikorita enthusiast, owning maybe one too many Pokemon plushes.
  • Charging your shots can be a bit finicky with a fresh controller, so a janky controller will struggle.
  • If players accidentally hit the wrong response, don’t fret — they get a few chances to get it right.
  • Each bikini color references one of three women.

This Spider-Man PC Review will look at how this port from Nixxes handles Ray Tracing, framerate, CPU utilization, and more. There are actually seven substories that can occur due to the Telephone Club, and nine potential women you can get on the line. The other two substories that weren’t listed are #44 and #45. CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand. Some of the voices are still hard to distinguish since you don’t always hear them one after the other but overall their tips on the voices were spot on. I had heard she was the one with the “sexy” voice and I picked up on it almost immediately once she called.

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The different pitches of the voices are a decent indicator, but it’s pretty difficult to determine those differences for someone who isn’t fluent in Japanese. If the player keeps notes of details about the voice, it can help save some repeats, but using QTEs and swimsuits to narrow it down works well enough. If the player identifies any repeats, holding L1 or LB will hang up the phone and they can take another shot at finding the right girl. There are seven substories locked behind the Telephone Club minigame. Each different swimsuit color will have one successful match each, which accounts for three substories.


There are three possible colors, and each color of swimsuit will have TelefonLiveSexOr its own model in Kiryu’s imagination. The responses are also consistent depending on the swimsuit. For example, each girl with a blue swimsuit will give the same responses to questions. Each swimsuit has three different possible girls, which narrows down the search significantly. Once the minigame is finished, Kiryu will find a date with one of nine girls. There are only three successful dates out of those nine girls, so the blind odds of getting a proper date are not in his favor.

The idea is that they’d be looking to make a connection, and through the telephone call they could arrange to meet up later for a date or something more. Well, if you know Japanese katakana, you can see the word “terekura” on more billboards and signs than you can count while walking around Kamurocho. Just in case you’re like me and want to 100% the game this is a guide to get all the substories related to the telephone clubs. Secondly, the QTE to answer the phone will help narrow it down further. The fastest QTE’s will all lead to successful dates and friendships.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to help differentiate the girls to prevent repeats. The minigame, as stated, is a shooting gallery of sorts. It’s really not that weird compared to some other quests in the game. The player can run three different courses, but the only difference is the time given to the player. Kiryu can sneeze and find 3000 yen, so it’s hardly a hit to the finances. Hold to hang upView ControlsExit MinigameHere’s a nice blast from the past.

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Tanner Kinney is a writer, podcaster, radio show host, and game-player based in Indiana. He has previously written for and helped lead a student publication about entertainment in college before writing for GameRant. He’s a Japanese role-playing game fanatic and Chikorita enthusiast, owning maybe one too many Pokemon plushes. The Yakuza series has slowly started to enter the mainstream in recent years. As a series that wears a number of hats, every type of gamer can find something to enjoy. Although its weirdness may attract people to the series, the addictive gameplay and compelling narratives keep them invested.


Inspect the girls and you’ll see a third girl,Ayaka. You’re browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

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The following is IGN’s guide to the substory The Sexy Hook-up in Yakuza 0.

The swimsuits will also have their own unique unsuccessful match, accounting for three more substories. Finally, substory 34 is able to be obtained regardless of swimsuit color. In total, it takes a minimum of seven plays, but waiting for the right RNG will take time.