Speak with him again to end the substory which also unlocks him as a save point. Enter the Pocket Circuit Stadium (exit and re-enter if you’re doing this right after substory #38). Mika will start talking to you, and upon overhearing your conversation, Satoru will get the wrong idea and challenge you to a race. Accept his challenge, and upon defeating him, this substory will end.

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  • This is the guy who you’ve been looking for and you’re his next target!
  • Afterwards, you’ll be able to say what you think is causing people to assume Kitajima’s selling illegal mushrooms, but it doesn’t matter what you pick.
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  • The remainder of the Jewish population is dispersed throughout the country.
  • The ‘Alawis succeeded in stabilising their position, and while the kingdom was smaller than previous ones in the region, it remained quite wealthy.

The Endless Rout option is unlocked at Rank B and as the name implies you’ll be going against enemy after enemy after enemy. Fairly easy to obtain as the thirty enemies required to beat for the https://AustralianDatingSites.org achievement don’t pose a strong threat. You will get the ability to throw around money in Chapter 6 after meeting Mr Moneybags, just walk out to the street and throw once. If you need help knowing which exact parts are needed to win the race check out this guy’s guide here. The max level for a platinum hostess is 40, this can be easily reached by doing all of the training they have to offer.

Yakuza 0 Real Estate Royale Guide

Select the property you want to invest in and you will be shown a screen consisting of the property and the investors you have available. You do not have to invest in your properties but in the long run, it boosts profits in a big way. At the beginning, you have access to Tomomi Takada and Hiro Chiba.

Hilarious Red Dead Redemption 2 Clip Shows Cougar Ruining Housebuilding Scene

The following substories become available after leaving Serena when your objective is to check out the empty lot. Thanks to your distraction, Marui finally uncovers the incriminating evidence on Maguro. Once inside, you’ll be tasked with finding something suspicious. Examine the video rack at the back of the room and pick “Something’s Wrong”followed by “Its Presence”. Now you’ll need to keep Maguro busy while Marui investigates the video rack.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: New Game Plus Guide

She also insists on calling you daddy, and no matter what dialogue option you pick, he gives in either way. When you have 4 fish, return to Sushi Gin and start handing them over. Near the entrance to Pink Street North, you will see a schoolgirl standing around. When you approach her, she asks for your help in dealing with a man who’s harassing her friend. Accept her request and you’ll be led down a dark alley, only to be ambushed!

When he runs out of stock, reload the area , and when you come back his inventory will be full of mushrooms again. Interact with the radio for a scene where the announcer reads out Kiryu’s story and then the substory ends. Go to Sotenbori Street West and approach the guitarist opposite The Grand and he’ll call out to you. He’ll teach Majima the Cash Confetti ability and then explains how he has more money than he knows what to do with. Long story short, this guy is your ticket to exchanging money between the two main characters. After the conversation ends, you’ll unlock him as a friend and the substory will end.

You don’t need to repeat the process with your other party members. You’ll unlock some during the story, and the rest are opened up by increasing personality stats. No job requires stats higher than level 7, so you’ll be achieving this by following the above personality stats advice – particularly Ounabara Vocational School. As you hit the business milestones, Eri’s bond will increase. She will soon be unlocked as a playable party member and when you have earned the number 1 share ranking, you’ll have her at the maximum bond level.

Short Rpgs That Wont Consume Your Life

As you’re walking down Shichifuku Street, you’ll overhear a couple having an argument. Talk to the boyfriend who believes his girlfriend is selling her body and agree to go investigate. Head over to Senryo Avenue and speak to the girlfriend.